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There are many businesses we can´t help.

Clearly, many of them don't NEED our help.

There are those who don't WANT our help.

And some more who believe they

Then there are those who are excited by the prospect of positive change and the opportunities that building an agile brand in the new digital age provides them.

Those who explore and embrace their own brand values.

These are businesses run by people who recognise the need, and welcome the opportunity, to work alongside professionals who can add a fresh perspective.

They choose to use our talents, skills, resources and more than 40 years experience to help them build a successful and sustainable brand reputation within the challenges of a modern environment.

These are the businesses, organisations and people who simply want to do things BETTER.

These are our BRAND PARTNERS.


Advertising campaigns, brand identity programs, websites and online marketing, social media, trade shows, illustrations, photographic shoots, video productions, signage schemes ... quite frankly we don’t know what we’ll be working on next.

That's because we have no pre-conceived ideas about what our Brand Partners need to do - or what we need to do for them.

Today more than ever before, a business needs to understand its brand and embrace the values and principles it stands for.

Brand is the single most valuable asset of any business or organisation. It must be strong enough to drive the culture and personality of the business and must be agile enough to respond to a constantly evolving and highly competitive environment.

Once we understand a brand we can make informed decisions about how best to help it grow. It means planning ahead - but also recognising opportunities and thinking fast.

Our own brand position is 'a sharper point of view' - and that's exactly what our Brand Partners TRUST us to provide. Not project by project but all the time.

Customers are moving and the communication environment is expanding at a rate that is unprecedented in history.

Keeping pace is hard. Staying ahead of it is even harder - some would say almost impossible.

But it’s exactly that challenge that drives Yellow Pencil - to provide a balance, a professional 'outside' perspective and integrated services which will help a business or an organisation to sharpen their brand and achieve more than they would by themselves.

We’re proud of our approach and our work. We’re proud of our Brand Partners and what we have achieved over the years for each of them.

It's what keeps us SHARP.


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