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Conference Theming presents a major opportunity for brand enhancement

Yellow Pencil has been working with a leading Australian event management company for a number of years, to develop the themes which support the annual conference presentations for the Aeromedical Society of Australasia and Flight Nurses Australia organisations.

Kate Smith Events is a company based in Hobart, Tasmania and has developed conferences around Australia and New Zealand. Working with industry partners, the company has managed and presented a range of unique concepts tailored to each specific event, budget and location which has provided ASA and FNA the platform from which to present and grow their brand to key industry members.

Developing individual themes to support an annual conference is nothing new - but it does present a brand opportunity that many businesses and organisations undervalue.

As well as highlighting wider industry issues and challenges, a professionally developed conference theme is an opportunity to reiterate specific 'brand drivers' which support the values of the organisation.

A strongly presented, well thought out and creative theme designed to run through every aspect of the conference - from communications to venue styling - is a timely reminder to stakeholders of the value of the organisation to which they belong.


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